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12 Tips for Bath Resurfacing

Resurfacing your bath and bathroom fittings is a smart way to turn an old bathroom into a sparkling fresh new one.

Before commencing any bathroom renovation project here are 12 tips you will find helpful.

12 things you should consider before resurfacing your bathroom:

1. Consider the quality of the finished result.

Beautiful yet tough, ThermoGlaze looks, feels and behaves like porcelain. Rigorous independant testing in Australian and Japanese laboratories prove that ThermoGlaze will withstand the heaviest bathroom traffic indefinately and that it is superior to other resurfacing materials and methods available in the marketplace.

2. Resurfacing is the most economical solution.

ThermoGlaze at a fraction of the cost of replacement. You can save around 70% when compared to the cost of a new bathroom or new fittings.

3.  Resurfacing with ThermoGlaze gives you the freedom to choose and match colours.

ThermoGlaze can match virtually any decor. Choose from over 1000 colours. Ask about the ThermoGlaze on-site colour matching service. The low cost of ThermoGlaze allows any bathroom to be kept up to date and fashionable.

ThermoGlaze colours

4.  Consider the choice of surface finishes offered.

Different surfaces and surface textures can be formulated to meet individual decor tastes and safety requirements.  New granite and stone finishes available.


5.  Consider the safety factors.

ThermoGlaze’s shinny surface provides a slip resistant surface when wet. Also a wide range of slip-free textured surfaces and textures are available.  Our ThermoGlaze safety first products are ideal for use in Hospitals, Aged Care homes and Hotels. Suitable for all over application or as safety strips. It is nearly invisible and does not peel off.

ThermoGlaze safety

6.  Check the product guarantee.

All ThermoGlaze workmanship and materials are covered by our extensive guarantee. Five, seven or ten year options are available.

ThermoGlaze Guarantee

7.  Is the company experienced?

Also with ThermoGlaze you benefit from over 35 years experience in bathroom and other resurfacing. ThermoGlaze and our application techniques have been continually enhanced over this period ensuring that ThermoGlaze remains the superior product in the resurfacing industry worldwide.

8.  Resurfaced fittings can be ready to use in 24 hours.

Do away with builders and tradesmen taking over your home for weeks on end. A ThermoGlazed bathroom can be completed within 3 – 4 days depending on it’s size.


9.  Consider the technical specifications of the resurfacing product.

The ThermoGlaze process is specifically designed for use with hot water. Independent tests in Australia and Japan have confirmed ThermoGlaze superiority over other resurfacing methods. It can withstand 1000+ hours of continuous immersion in boiling water without deterioration – 10 times longer than any competitive process. ThermoGlaze outperforms other coating materials on all important measures – impact, scratch and chip resistance, response to temperature changes, bond strength and slip resistance. ThermoGlaze doesn’t yellow, our tests have shown that after 10 years outside our bath lost less than 1% in whiteness.

10.  Is it easy to keep clean and does it resist mould?

Thermoglaze is stain resistant and able to be cleaned by all nonabrasive bathroom cleaners. Thermoglaze is the only resurfacing process that will not lose it’s glaze when exposed to hot water.

It is detergent and stain resistent and able to be cleaned by all leading brands of bathroom cleaners. ThermoGlaze will not lose its glaze when exposed to hot water.

11.  Is the resurfacing product widely used.

ThermoGlaze is a time proven product and is specified locally and internationally by leading hotels, government departments, property managers and other professionals. ThermoGlaze has been successfully used worldwide since 1977.

12.  Does the resurfacing company offer good service and support.

Why not contact your local ThermoGlaze office for a job assessment and an obligation free quote. An experienced operator will promptly attend to your individual needs.


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