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Bath Repair before and after

If you are looking for the best in quality bath repair in Melbourne, look no further.  Thermoglaze can transform your tired old bath into a bright shiny new one.

ThermoGlaze looks and feels like porcelain and lasts longer than any other resurfacing product on the market.

Before commencing any bath repair project consider some of the outstanding benefits of ThermoGlaze.

  • A ThermoGlazed bath is only a fraction of the cost of bath replacement.
  • ThermoGlaze can match virtually any decor. Choose from over 1000 colours.
  • ThermoGlaze provides a non-slip surface when wet.
  • All ThermoGlaze workmanship and materials are covered by our extensive guarantee.

Read all 12 reasons you should ThermoGlaze your bathroom.

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