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Bath Repairs: Choosing the right bath repairer

Ok, so your bath is in need of repair; the bath surface is chipped, stained, scratched, rusted, burnt or even so worn the surface has lost it’s gloss and become very dull.

What can you do about it and then more importantly what should you do about it.

Our first piece of advice is that you need to do something about it. Don’t put the repair off; because small problems such as bath chips can become bigger problems when rust or fibreglass is involved.

Well, for repairing the damage done to your bath surface there are 4 options to choose from. These options range in cheapness and effectiveness.

We would like to advise you what we have learnt after 35 years of seeing the results and costs associated with each option.

So, to help you, we have compiled a Head to Head comparison by means of the chart below. Our research shows these are the key factors customers consider for bath repair options. We then rate them using the 5 star system.

Bath Repair Chart
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Option 1: The Do It Yourself Bath Repairer


First of all above all else it is cheap. It is the cheapest option for bath repair.

The off the shelf product purchased is under $100 and dare we say you…(your labour) is cheap. Maybe a better word is inexpensive or free labour.

As with all DIY jobs the end result depends on the expertise of the handyman or handywoman. But it’s not a good start to the job’s success when the material used is very much inferior to what Thermoglaze professionals use.

The other great difficulty for the DIY’er is colour matching of the new colour and its shine with the original.

A common trap DIYer’s fall into is thinking white is white but there are many different shades of white. Also there is no warranty. I guess you can’t exactly ring yourself up and complain about it peeling within 6 months.

The most common complaints from customers we have been called out to fix a DIY bath repair gone wrong are; “it’s hard to clean”, “I can still see where the patch was” and “it didn’t last” and finally ,” I suppose you get what you pay for”

To sum up a DIY bath repair is a short fix at best.


Option 2: Using a Professional Bath Chip Repairer


The chip repair is not an exact science. The fact is the damaged part of the surface is weaker than the rest of the undamaged surface. Consequently a small area chip repair is a temporary solution.

While the professional chip repairer will use the most appropriate tools and have a trained eye to get as close to the original colour and gloss as they can. It is a subjective judgement as to whether it blends in or not. We know some people cannot tell the difference while we have heard of others who have refused to have a bath because it annoys them so much. So if you are fussy or particular this is not the option for you.

The other question to ask the chip repairer is, “the material they use has it been specifically designed for wet heat ?” Lastly the cost and time it takes isn’t a great deal different to option 3, a complete Thermoglaze bath resurface. You see the mechanics of the job are similar. The professional still has to drive out to the job and the surface still needs to be prepared.

So overall time it takes between the two options would be 2 hours which is negligible compared to the effectiveness of the two.

To sum up, while it is a cheaper option it is a really a temporary solution as it is not as cost effective as option 3, for a little more money you get a much longer lasting fix that in addition has a warranty.


Option 3: ThermoGlazed Complete Bath Resurface


Thermoglaze which means to resurface, reglaze, refinish, renamel, restore or recoat (whatever you want to call it) the whole bath tub.

Thermoglaze, for over 35 years has proven it works. Hence the extensive warranty. You see it doesn’t take much longer than the chip repairer ( a couple of hours) but the

look is so much more uniform. Thermoglaze looks and feels like porcelain.


Option 4: Completely Replacing the old bath with a new one


What a hassle ! What a mess! What a fuss !. Not to mention the time it takes and the potential extra costs of needing tradesmen, ie plumbers @ $120 an hour plus callout fee $85.00 and electricians approx $80 an hour and tilers @ $75.00 per hour.

Then you need a carpenter @approx $50.00 per hour if the bath is set in. What a completely unnecessary money spend.


The Verdict


Thermoglaze ticks all the boxes.

The value for money of Thermoglaze bath resurfacing.

Within 24 hours of reglazing to taking your next bath.

It looks and feels like re enamelled porcelain.

There is an extensive warranty similar in length to a new replacement.

TheThermoglaze product and process is a timely and most complete cost effective solution when choosing a bath repairer … and with 35 years experience in the industry …… we should know.

We hope we have helped you make an informed decision.


The Thermoglaze crew

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