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ThermoGlaze – Does It Last?

Recently, whilst reviewing ways to improve our customer service, we wanted to make it easier for you by answering your most asked question, directly and in a fun and interesting way. So, when you were enquiring about bath tub resurfacing and bathroom resurfacing and also wall and floor tile resurfacing the question you most want answered is: DOES IT LAST?

Obviously we can only speak about Thermoglaze and to answer that question most completely is to include Thermoglaze the company and Thermoglaze the product.


ThermoGlaze – The Company

Thermoglaze the company has been resurfacing bath tubs and bathroom tiles and floors since 1977. During this time we have been known throughout Australia, Japan and the UK as having the highest quality workmanship when resurfacing bathtubs and bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles. This is backed up by our extremely low call-back rate: the lowest in the industry while also having the longest guarantees in the industry. So we can safely say YES….. Thermoglaze the company lasts.


ThermoGlaze – The Product

Now to the capabilities of the product. We don’t expect you to just take our word that Thermoglaze lasts ; take the findings from Australian and Japanese Independent testing laboratories. The first fact to remember is that Thermoglaze bathroom resurfacing was designed and developed specifically for wet heat. The ability of Thermoglaze to withstand the stress of expanding and contracting when exposed to hot and cold water is an essential quality.

Extensive testing was carried out on Thermoglaze because we wanted to ensure we have a product of the highest standards world wide. So with that in mind we had Thermoglaze tested in the most extreme conditions so boiling water it was.



Thermoglaze was tested at 95C for 500 hours continuously and showed

  • No signs of blistering,
  • No cracking,
  • No peeling.

Further testing at 100C for 1,000 hours:

  • No dullness
  • No decolouration.

So to answer your question……. Does It Last?

Answer: Thermoglaze, the company says YES


Independent testing laboratories say YES

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